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Preparing leaders across all professions

Our best hope for tomorrow unites all professions today, regardless of discipline, in a common understanding of global health, with a common goal of worldwide well-being.

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Health as well-being

We define health as the interconnected social, psychological, and physical aspects of well-being – and pursue health as a fundamental human right for all people.

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Governance beyond governments

Globalization brings challenges and opportunities that require policy leadership, not just from governments, but from leaders in every sector committed to coordinated collective action.

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Working for a more equitable world of health

It's not about fixed borders and static processes, but fluid populations and dynamic policies; not about serving others somewhere else, but about us, together, working for the well-being of all.

Artist Romero Brito artwork
Children smiling
Classroom lecture
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What we do

Sue J. Goldie

Sue J. Goldie, the founding faculty director of the Harvard Global Health Institute, will transition into a new role as director of the new Global Health Education and Learning Incubator at Harvard University, and as special adviser to the provost on global health education and learning.

The new incubator will leverage and strengthen the educational programs and resources developed under HGHI, with a targeted focus on testing and disseminating creative, effective strategies and tools for teaching and learning across both classrooms and the global landscape. Read the full announcement.

The Incubator and HGHI will temporarily share this website as the Incubator develops an innovative new online platform for global health teaching and learning. Stay tuned!

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