Technology & Health Initiative

The rise of technology for health is revolutionizing healthcare delivery globally. This is no better demonstrated than by the explosion of the mobile phone over the last decade and it’s use as a tool to improve health outcomes. More recently, artificial intelligence (AI) has been hailed as the next frontier in healthcare. This has been accompanied with significant expectations around the impact AI can have on augmenting human capabilities. It has generated an explosion of commercial, investment and academic activities that span the globe. However, as often happens, the dominant narrative is around the impact AI will have in high income countries. 
The Harvard Global Health Institute (HGHI) is uniquely positioned to bring together leading scholars across diverse disciplines to focus on the promise, potential and challenges that automated technologies can have in transforming healthcare delivery in low and middle-income countries. This newest HGHI initiative will build collaborations with key stakeholders across the globe, engage with local communities who are directly impacted by these technologies and share best practices to prepare the world for the future of healthcare delivery.