April 6, 2017

A Race To Restore Confidence In The World Health Organization

Harvard Global Health Institute’s Faculty Director, Dr. Ashish Jha writes about the next steps for the World Health Organization (WHO) and their next Director General. 

“The world has changed since the WHO was founded nearly 70 years ago. The number of organizations engaged in global health was small and the WHO played the central role in cross-national health issues because there were no other obvious entities to do so. Today, the world has become deeply interconnected and interdependent, and the number of organizations engaged in global health has exploded. As Julio Frenk recently noted, 175 new entities, from funders to non-governmental organizations (NGOs), many with a strong focus on global health, have come into existence in just the past decade. In this now crowded stage, critics (from member states to prominent thought leaders) are asking, does the WHO still have a role?”

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