January 31, 2023

APPLICATION NOW OPEN! 2023 - 2024 Burke Global Health Fellowship

The Harvard Global Health Institute has opened applications for the 2023 – 2024 Burke Global Health Fellowship. This Fellowship program provides funding for Harvard junior faculty members from across the University to support innovative research, curriculum development, and teaching in global health.

The Burke Global Health Fellowship serves as a career catalyst for junior faculty. Through the award, fellows are supported to conduct impactful research and develop innovative public health curriculums. The Program has been global in reach, with projects in India, Nicaragua, China, South Africa, Rwanda, Peru, Mexico, and many other countries.

The Fellowships are made possible through the generous support of Harvard alumna Katherine States Burke, AB’79, and her husband, T. Robert Burke, who established the Burke Fund to help launch and advance the careers of promising junior faculty in global health. Through the Burkes’ generosity, HGHI has supported more than 40 fellows since 2009.

The Award:

The Burke fellowship is a 12-month program that provides funding for research and curriculum development. There are two categories of Burke Global Health Fellowship awards:

Research Award: $75,000 each

Research awards provide opportunities for junior faculty to conduct foundational research that prepares them to be independent investigators or to conduct exploratory work on groundbreaking questions seldom supported by traditional funding sources.

Curriculum Development and Teaching Award: $25,000 each

Curriculum Development and Teaching awards provide funding for junior faculty to apply innovative pedagogy to course development and teaching, particularly at the undergraduate level.

Basic Qualifications:

Candidates must hold a junior faculty appointment at Harvard University (ie: Instructor or Assistant Professor). We welcome proposals from a broad range of fields and perspectives. Faculty working in disciplines outside of health and life sciences are strongly encouraged to apply so long as the work falls within global health.

Fellow Expectations:

  • Participate in relevant Harvard Global Health Institute events.
  • Submit a one-year progress report and a final reflection paper to The Harvard Global Health Institute.
  • Present research findings and accomplishments achieved as a result of Burke funding to the global health community at the conclusion of their fellowship.
  • Serve as an annual Pathways to Global Health seminar speaker. This is a 1-hour, virtual seminar series for undergraduate students interested in careers in global health.
  • Serve as a reviewer for future applicants to the fellowship.
  • Acknowledge HGHI Burke funding in all award letters and event communications, including invitation letters, websites, announcements, flyers, press releases, presentations, publications and publications, presentations, and reports.

All application materials are due by 5PM EST, Friday, March 5, 2023


Applicants will be notified in March 2023 if they are moved forward to stage two and invited to submit a full proposal.

We look forward to reviewing your application. If you have questions about the fellowship program, please contact Olivia Mulvey, Fellowships Manager at olivia_mulvey@harvard.edu  For more information on eligibility requirements and FAQs please visit the Burke Fellowship page of the HGHI website.