Eligibility & Process

Candidates must hold a junior faculty appointment at Harvard University (ie: Assistant or Associate Professor, Instructor, etc.).  Faculty working in disciplines outside of health and life sciences are encouraged to apply so long as the work falls within global health.

Stage 1: Applicants apply by submitting a letter of intent and supporting information. Submissions are reviewed by the Harvard Global Health Institute and Burke Global Health Fellowship Review Committee.

Stage 2: HGHI and the Review Committee selects especially promising letters of intent. These applicants are invited to submit a full proposal for final award consideration.

Funding Awards

There are two categories of Burke Global Health Fellowship awards:

Research: up to $75,000 each
Research awards provide opportunities for junior faculty to conduct foundational research that prepares them to be independent investigators or to conduct exploratory work on groundbreaking questions seldom supported by traditional funding sources.


Curriculum Development and Teaching: up to $25,000 each
Curriculum Development and Teaching awards provide opportunities for junior faculty to apply innovative pedagogy to course development and teaching, particularly at the undergraduate level.

Fellowship funds must be expended in a one year period.

How to Apply

Apply by submitting a one page letter of intent and supporting information via the online form. The deadline to apply is February 15, 2020 at midnight, EST.

The letter of intent should:
1) include a 1-paragraph abstract of the proposed project
2) highlight the innovative or interdisciplinary elements of the proposed project
3) describe the significance of the proposed project to your career development as a global health leader and educator

Applicants will be notified in Spring 2020 if they are invited to proceed to stage 2, submission of a full proposal.