Fighting Misinformation: The Preprint Sifter

The Preprint Sifter is a new Twitter tool that tracks down Tweets from leading epidemiologists, virologists, public health and other experts who are posting, vetting and verifying COVID-19 related preprint papers.


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UHC is: Clean Air For All

The First Ever International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies Underscores the Environmental Link to Human Health UHC Benefits from Clean Air For the inaugural International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies on September 7, 2020, HGHI and the One by One: Target 2030 campaign is highlighting clean air as a necessity to Continue reading [...]

Lancet Countdown: Climate Change threatens people’s health today

Climate change threatens the health of people around the world today. In the United States, increases in heat and heatwaves pose a serious threat to health and labor productivity. Inreases in extreme weather events significantly threaten both health and health systems. And climate change is elevating the risk of misquito-, tick- and water-borne diseases. Continue reading [...]

Human Health in a Changing Climate

The Harvard Global Health Institute, in collaboration with the Climate Change Solutions Fund and the Harvard University Center for the Environment, hosted a symposium on the impact of climate change on health, entitled “Human Health in a Changing Climate.” Continue reading [...]