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The Preprint Sifter is a new Twitter tool that tracks down Tweets from leading epidemiologists, virologists, public health and other experts who are posting, vetting and verifying COVID-19 related preprint papers.


Pandemics Archive

Can SARS-CoV-2 contaminate hospitals?

By Anders Gundersen, HGHI | March 14, 2020 What do we know about how SARS-CoV-2 survives outside the human host in hospital settings? Transmission of COVID-19 within hospitals has been observed, but is is unclear how the virus was passed along. In a hospital in Singapore, researchers tested numerous sites in the rooms of three Continue reading [...]

The Role of the FDA in the US Testing Debacle

By Anders Gundersen, HGH | March 11, 2020 Confusion and controversy have surrounded the conversation about diagnostic testing for COVID-19 in the United States. We know that testing is a critical component of an effective response effort. We summarize a recent JAMA viewpoint that highlights why the US has experienced a testing gap, walks through Continue reading [...]

Viral Shedding in COVID 19 Patients

By Anders Gundersen, HGHI | March 10, 2020 Throat swabs are sufficient for testing, and a patient’s viral load is highest 1-5 days after the onset of symptoms: Researchers in Germany identified important aspects of how the novel coronavirus behaves. While the work is under peer-review, early publication provides details that can inform decisions on Continue reading [...]

Do Isolation And Contact Tracing Work?

A mathematical modeling paper aims to determine the extent to which the isolation of infected patients and the tracing of those they may have come into contact with is effective at reducing the spread of COVID-19 outbreaks. HGHI’s Anders Gundersen with a summary of the findings. Continue reading [...]

The US Is Finally Testing For Coronavirus. What Happens Next?

By Andrew Iliff, HGHI | March 6, 2020 Public health departments across the country are scaling up the crucial work of testing thousands of Americans for the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. The process, essential in an outbreak, has been delayed by a CDC error in the first set of tests made available, budget cuts, and restrictions on who Continue reading [...]

Understanding Predictions: What is R-Naught?

By Anders Gunderson and Liana Woskie, HGHI In an outbreak, the question of how quickly a new pathogen spreads from one case to many is an essential piece of the puzzle scientists try to put together. To answer this question, experts use models that provide estimates, drawing from different sources of information. The outcome of Continue reading [...]