GMH@MHFAL Student Research Assistant Program

Thank you for your interest in the GMH@MentalHealthForAllLab Student Research Assistant Program. The program is based upon a cooperative three-party relationship between GlobalMentalHealth@MentalHealthForAllLab, the faculty supervisor, and the student. Please read through the full program overview for more information.

If you are a Harvard undergraduate or graduate student interested in applying please fill out this application form.

Please reach out to GMH@MentalHealthForAllLab Program Coordinator, Katy O’Neill for any questions.

Proposed Program Timeline
(subject to change)

Activity Dates
Host-site/faculty supervisor application deadline Monday March 20th 2023
Positions advertised Monday, March 21st 2023
Student application deadline

 Monday, April 17th 11:59pm ET

Deadline extended to: Monday, May 1st 11:59pm ET

Applications of top candidates sent to hosts who want to conduct interviews Friday, May 5th 20203
Interview Period May 8th- June 2nd 2023
Offers sent to candidates by GMH@MHFAL (Ongoing until position is accepted) Friday, June 16th 2023
GMH@MHFAL Introduction & Orientation Tuesday, September 5th 2023
Mid-term check-in form due TBD
End of term report due Tuesday, December 5th 2023
GMH@MHFAL Student RA program closing event TBD