Global Health Graduate Student Ambassadors


AlyssaAlyssa Oravec

Degree Program: Law

Harvard Law School

Graduation year: 2018

After completing her undergraduate degree, Alyssa joined the Peace Corps and moved to Zambia where she spent two years working on a range of issues from fish farming to reproductive rights.  She then worked for a USAID projected on the implementation of a logistics system for ARVs, laboratory equipment, and family planning products throughout Zambia.  She is currently a 2L at Harvard Law School and intends to pursue work related to social and economic rights in sub-Saharan Africa.



Ashiana Jivraj

Degree Program: Dentistry (DMD)

Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Graduation year: 2019

I am a second year dental student from Calgary, Alberta, Canada who has a passion for finding bridges between Oral Health, Global Health, and Economics. Born to Kenyan Indian parents, I quickly learnt that we often overlook the simple fact that we are on this globe, and therefore should be a part of finding a solution for the often troubling state of international healthcare. I decided to work with HGHI just to continue learning from people who know a lot more about the world than I do. 



Celia Reddick

Degree Program: PhD in Education; Cultures, Institutions & Society concentration

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Graduation Year: 2022

Celia has worked in education in a variety of contexts, including medical education in Rwanda through Partners In Health (PIH). Before joining PIH, she worked as a 9th and 10th grade English teacher through the NYC Teaching Fellow program. Her students came from many places around the world and peeked her interest in education policies in diverse contexts. Pursuing this interest, she spent a year in Fort Portal, Uganda, working with teacher trainers at the Canon Apolo Primary Teachers College and three years in Rwanda as the Curriculum & Training Specialist for PIH. As a PhD student, she is exploring instructional language policies in places affected by conflict or fragility. She believes that educational policies must take into account the diverse social and political dynamics affecting learners and teachers, including access to health care. Celia holds a BA from the College of Letters and German Studies Department from Wesleyan University, a Masters in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Lehman College, and an Ed.M. in International Education Policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.



Jennifer Leigh

Degree Program - DrPH

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Graduation year: 2017

Jennifer Leigh has been active in global health for 15 years, primarily providing humanitarian assistance and strengthening community-based care for mobile and conflict-affected populations. Jennifer consults internationally, frequently providing technical assistance for projects in Myanmar, and conducts research with the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and Harvard Global Health Institute. Jennifer earned an MPH, concentrating in Humanitarian Assistance and Human Rights, from Johns Hopkins and is currently a Doctor of Public Health candidate and Centennial Fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health, studying accountability in humanitarian response. 



Katherine Donato

Degree Program: Health Policy (Economics)

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences 

Graduation year: 2018

Katherine Donato is a PhD candidate in Harvard’s Health Policy program on the economics track.  Her research focuses on maternal and child health the US and internationally, seeking to understand how to bridge the gap between knowledge and implementation.  She has experience working on small- and large-scale randomized trials in Uganda, India, and Ethiopia that have focused on community health workers, obstetric care providers, and rural agricultural households.  She also studies U.S.-based maternal care, particularly the factors that influence the care that mothers and infants receive at the time of labor and delivery.





Katrina Geddes

Degree Program: Master in Public Policy (MPP)

Harvard Kennedy School of Government 

Graduation year: 2017

Katrina is a second-year MPP student at the Harvard Kennedy School, studying global health policy. She previously worked as a lawyer at an international law firm in Australia before completing her Master of Laws at Cambridge University, specializing in intellectual property law and access to medicines. Her interests include: international trade, international IP law, access to medicines, the chilling effect of investor-state arbitration on public health policy, alternative incentive structures for R&D for neglected diseases, humanitarian licensing, and epidemic preparedness.



KWSKirstin Woody Scott

Degree Program: MD

Harvard Medical School

Graduation Year: 2019

Kirstin Woody Scott, MPhil PhD is a student at Harvard Medical School and co-founder of the HGHI Graduate Student Seminar.  She is originally from Bakersfield, California and graduated from the University of California Davis with degrees in Neurobiology and Classical Civilizations in 2006.  She received her MPhil in Public Health from the University of Cambridge in 2007, completing her thesis on Bulgaria’s public health system. She returned to her home state of California to work in local politics as the Public Health Advisor to a Kern County Supervisor and then later served as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar in Nicaragua in 2008. After relocating to Nashville where her husband, John, was completing his medical studies, she worked for Vanderbilt’s Institute for Clinical and Translational Research and helped to create  In 2010, she began the PhD in Health Policy program at Harvard, concentrating on political analysis and global health quality. During her time in the program, which she completed in 2015, she was supported by the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program and was appointed as a teaching fellow to multiple undergraduate and graduate courses in global health, health care quality and politics. Since November 2013, she has served as a senior research fellow to Rwanda’s Minister of Health, Dr. Agnes Binagwaho, focusing on initiatives to improve quality of care. Beyond her studies, Kirstin is an avid endurance runner, completing Ironman triathlons and dozens of marathons and ultramarathons, and enjoys spending time on her family’s cattle ranch in the mountains of Woody, California.



Lauren Taylor

Degree Program: Health Policy

Harvard Business School

Graduation year: 2021

Lauren A Taylor is a doctoral student in the management track of the Health Policy program at Harvard University. Prior to joining HBS, she graduated as a Presidential Scholar from Harvard's Divinity School in 2015, where she served as the Research and Development Director in the Science, Religion and Culture program. While completing her Master of Divinity, Lauren was a fellow at the Harvard Global Health Institute and Petrie Flom Center for Health Law, Policy and Biotechnology at Harvard Law School. Previously, Lauren received a BA in the History of Science/History of Medicine (2008) and Master in Public Health (2009) from Yale University. From 2009-2012, Lauren worked as a program manager at the Yale Global Health Leadership Institute. In 2013, Lauren and Elizabeth H. Bradley, PhD, jointly authored The American Health Care Paradox, which has been reviewed and featured in media outlets such as CSPAN, MSNBC, The New York Times and The New Yorker. She has also published peer-reviewed articles on grand strategy in global health, scale up of public health innovations and the relationship between health and social service spending in the United States.



Natalie WangNatalie Wang

Degree Program: Master in Design Studies, Risk and Resilience 

Harvard University Graduate School of Design

Graduation Year: 2018

Natalie’s research is focused on developing alternative design research methods that are sensitive to transgenerational trauma, inequality, reconciliation and development as a preemptive form of practice. Meanwhile, designing spaces of healing and wellbeing.

Natalie is a strategist and designer by training who has worked several years designing social interventions for non-profits and transnational organizations. Concurrently she has studied psychology, neuroscience, anthropology, divinity, and identity, with themes of trauma, empathy, forgiveness, narcissism and altruism to discover how self awareness affects decision making. Her work has taken her to research in New Orleans to consulting in New York City and strategizing in countries such as India, Brazil, South Africa, and Ecuador. In 2013 she was part of a team that was awarded “Game Changer” by Metropolis Magazine and was a finalist in Fast Company’s Innovation By Design Awards.



Parisa Fallah

Degree Program: MD

Harvard Medical School

Graduation Year: 2020

Parisa Fallah is a first year at Harvard Medical School. She is from El Paso, Texas and graduated in 2016 as a Dean’s Scholar from the University of Texas at Austin with an honors degree in Biology and a minor in Sociology. Parisa has always been passionate about social justice and spent several years working with middle school students and their families in underprivileged areas of Austin using a grassroots approach to help build the community’s capacity to address its needs. She also spent a summer doing a thoracic surgery externship at MD Anderson Cancer Center, and the combined experiences of community work and surgical care ultimately led to her passion for global surgery. During undergrad, she spent two years working on a global surgery thesis, focusing on how we can increase involvement in sustainable global surgery efforts, and how we can systematize and improve these capacity-building efforts worldwide. She presented this work at the Bethune Round Table in June 2016, and her abstract from the conference is published in the Canadian Journal of Surgery. She recently launched the Global Surgery Student Alliance, which is the national student-run global surgery working group for the U.S. that is collaborating with similar national student groups around the world. She currently serves as the GSSA’s National Chair. Her goal is to bring more students into global surgery so that they can contribute to the growth of the field. Beyond her academic interests, Parisa enjoys playing soccer, ice-skating, singing & song-writing, and playing music with her friends.



Philip GarrityPhilip Garrity

Degree Program: M.Div.

Harvard Divinity School

Graduation Year: 2017

Philip Garrity is currently a Master of Divinity candidate at Harvard Divinity School and a program consultant for palliative care services at the NGO Partners In Health. His broader academic and professional interests include contemplative end-of-life care, Christian-Buddhist dialogue, and the intersection of spirituality and health care. Prior to his graduate studies, he worked for three years with the Partners in Health in Peru and Boston designing and implementing data and documentation systems for a range of health programs in Latin America and Africa. He is a native of Northern California and earned a B.A. in International Development Studies and Spanish from UCLA.




Rebecca Stern

Degree Program: Doctor of Philosophy - Engineering Sciences 

Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Graduation year: 2022

Rebecca is a doctoral candidate in Engineering Sciences at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) and a member of the Biogeochemistry of Global Contaminants research group. Prior to joining SEAS, Rebecca was a Research Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs and an assistant vice president at an asset management firm in New York. She has experience working with organizations including Special Olympics College, the Yale Journal of Public Health, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and Fonkoze, a Haitian microfinance institution. Rebecca graduated from Yale University in 2012 with a double major in Environmental Studies and Political Science.