Harvard Initiative on Global Health Quality (HIGHQ)

Ensuring everyone across the globe has access to healthcare is a major policy priority. How we achieve that goal, however, is far from clear. There are large gaps in our knowledge about how best to structure and deliver care, how best to measure quality, and how best to improve the care people receive. Without paying attention to the underlying healthcare delivery system, access alone will not be enough to actually improve people’s health.  Healthcare around the world is far too often harmful, ineffective, or inappropriate for a patient’s condition, and can even leave patients worse off. This is true across the globe – from nations with the highest incomes to those with the lowest. 

The Harvard Global Health Institute, through its strategic initiative on quality, is committed to advancing our understanding of how to improve quality within diverse health systems. We believe this is best done through key partnerships with regional, national, and international health institutions, with clinical and policy leaders, and with ministries of health and major multi-lateral organizations.  HGHI focuses on developing the science and policies needed to improve people’s health by ensuring that health systems prioritize care that is safe, effective, and person-centered. We also develop metrics that reflect that care, and improve care delivery as a core part of what they do.    

The expertise and experience across Harvard’s schools and teaching hospitals position HGHI to push for greater global understanding of quality and demonstrate how it is critical to improving health in all settings.  Leveraging these diverse resources, HGHI is cultivating new research and understanding across this emerging field, calling for quality to be central in the global health agenda, and working with decision-makers to craft policy-level strategies.


For more information visit: http://highq.fas.harvard.edu/