The Harvard Global Health Institute is committed to surfacing and addressing broad challenges in public health that affect large populations around the globe.  We believe that solutions that will move the dial draw from within and beyond the medicine and public health spheres to encompass design, law, policy, and business.  We do that by harnessing the unique breadth of excellence within fields at Harvard and by being a dedicated partner and convener to organizations, governments, scholars, and committed citizens around the globe.

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The public health crisis on the U.S Border is escalating. Children are being held in squalid conditions; abuse is rampant and people are dying due to inadequate health services. In an extraordinary, action-oriented discussion hosted by HGHI on July 30, two lawyers, a physician, a social worker and a trauma and migration expert develivered passionate testimony about their exeriences visiting detention centers and working with immigrants and asylum seekers in various cities around the US. Read this Harvard Magazine story or watch the event video to learn about how such traumatic experiences impact children and families, why more transparency is needed, and what we can all do to mitigate the crisis. 

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    HarvardGH 21 youths have brought a case against the U.S. government for its inaction on #ClimateChange. We are excited to be joining Julia Olson, lead attorney on Juliana v. United States, for a discussion this Wednesday! RSVP here: t.co/ED9ydnBYWy #HGHItalks
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    HarvardGH Tomorrow! Don't miss out on a valuable conversation with Ctrip CEO Jane Jie Sun. Ms. Sun has been recognized by Forbes China as one of the most influential business women and is often known for her socially-conscious corporate leadership. #HGHItalks t.co/eW5yfEJLFa
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    HarvardGH Worried how the Presidents' ‘remain in Mexico’ policy is impacting migrants’ health on the Mexican side of the southern border? Join us on Nov 7th when we convene with key policymakers, experts and frontline workers to discuss this crisis. t.co/XCsmDQCu5G #HGHItalks