Program in Global Primary Care and Social Change

The Department of Global Health and Social Medicine's Program in Global Primary Care and Social Change at the Harvard Medical School takes a multidisciplinary approach to innovating new approaches to primary health care delivery and training, engaging experts from a variety of disciplines, including behavioral economics, management science, and systems engineering. The program seeks new models of care delivery that effectively, efficiently, and equitably serve all people, and models of training that enable students to develop skills in management, program design, and advocacy that will help them lead the health systems of the future. The Program places a particular emphasis on caring for the most vulnerable patients, who are the most costly to treat in the US system and the most underserved in resource-poor settings. Its research focuses on the organizational and behavioral aspects of the primary health care team (including providers, patients, and communities) and their interactions with disease-specific interventions, technologies, and sociopolitical contextual factors, as the key locus for creating value in global health care delivery.

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