Contact and FAQ’s

Who is eligible for a Burke Global Health research or curriculum award?  Harvard Faculty who hold a Junior faculty appointment (instructor and assistant professor). Faculty working in disciplines outside of health and life sciences are encouraged to apply so long as the work falls within global health.

Who is eligible for a Climate and Health Burke award? Research fellows, post-doctoral scholars, and early career faculty pursuing scholarly research at the intersection of climate change and global health.

Does the Burke Global Health Fellowship or the Burke Climate and Health Fellowship allow for indirect costs?

Indirect costs on global subcontract are allowed if the program expenses are outlined in the applicants submitted budget. Indirect costs of Harvard affiliated institutions are not covered. 

Does the Burke Global Health Fellowship allow for a subaward?

Yes, a subaward is allowed. The amount of the subaward must not be greater than 50% of the full award amount.

For questions about the Burke Global Health Fellowship contact Olivia Mulvey, Fellowship Manager, Harvard Global Health Institute, at