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Confronting COVID-19: Science, History, Policy

Led by Allan Brandt and Ingrid Katz, this Gen Ed course “Confronting Covid 19: Science, History, Policy” will run in Fall 2020.

The ongoing Covid-19 epidemic presents an important opportunity for Harvard undergraduates to observe closely–utilizing a range of methods and approaches–this world-changing, historic episode and to analyze scientific, social, and political elements of the US and global responses.   

A number of scholars in the social sciences and humanities have deployed to investigate epidemics and patterns of health and disease through the exploration of how societies respond to and explain epidemics.  

The course will assess essential characteristics of contemporary scientific knowledge, medical practices, as well as deeper social structure and inequalities, policymaking, and values and ethics related to COVID-19.   

This will provide an opportunity for undergraduates at Harvard to deepen their understanding of a contemporary crisis as well as to explicate a wide range of disciplinary methods and skills.

WATCH Full Recordings of the Course Below

HarvardX: Confront COVID-19 on YouTube

Each course lecture will be recorded, captioned, and made available in the YouTube library over the course of the semester.

General Education and Global Health and Health Policy Secondary Field

Global health courses fulfill a number of requirements for the Harvard College Program on General Education (Gen Ed). The Gen Ed Program seeks to “connect a student’s liberal education – that is, an education conducted in a spirit of free inquiry, rewarding in its own right – to life beyond college.” General Education courses can be a great way to provide an introduction to global health concepts; Gen Ed courses have no prerequisites and can be taken by students at all levels.  Indeed, the foundational courses for the Secondary Field in Global Health and Health Policy are all part of the Gen Ed curriculum, and are an ideal way for students to begin a series of courses in global health topics.

Undergraduate students at Harvard College must complete one letter-graded course in each of the eight categories in General Education. Courses related to global health can be found in all eight categories:

  • Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding (AI)
  • Culture and Belief (CB)
  • Empirical and Mathematical Reasoning (EMR)
  • Ethical Reasoning (ER)
  • Science of Living Systems (SLS)
  • Science of the Physical Universe (SPU)
  • Societies of the World (SW)
  • United States in the World (US/W)

Check out the blue book on the GHHP website for a comprehensive list of global health courses at Harvard.

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