October 30, 2018

President Bacow at HGHI: A Willingness to Do Things Differently

At the Harvard Global Health Institute’s 3rd Annual Reception on October 30, 2018, Harvard’s newly inaugurated President, Lawrence Bacow and HGHI Faculty Director Ashish Jha talked about coming together in a divided world, about the importance of access to the basic necessities of life for all, and about the need to challenge conventional wisdom. “To focus on the world’s great global health challenges represents a search for truth, a willingness to do things differently, and to try and generate new ideas and new solutions,” said President Bacow. HGHI’s annual reception is “a chance to take a step back, reflect, and to celebrate this community of scholars, staff, students, people who work on improving the health of the world’s population at Harvard”, said Jha, emphasizing that there was someone from every school at Harvard and 5 Harvard hospitals present at the gathering. Below, a recording of president Bacow’s and Ashish Jha’s remarks.