Fighting Misinformation: The Preprint Sifter

The Preprint Sifter is a new Twitter tool that tracks down Tweets from leading epidemiologists, virologists, public health and other experts who are posting, vetting and verifying COVID-19 related preprint papers.


“Social Policy is Health Policy”: A Review of the Evidence

March 31, 2020

By Kate Raphael We understand that social policies have great potential to affect health, but studies that aim to document the associations between policy interventions and health outcomes are often methodologically weak. Association studies are unable to identify the directionality of causal pathways (e.g., do chronically ill people make less money because they are able to Continue reading [...]

Where are the ventilators?

March 25, 2020

“We can’t wait until capacity has already been overloaded before requesting extra machines – we have to act now based on the best available data. If we don’t, the surge in COVID-19 patients May result in rationing care and unnecessary deaths.” Continue reading [...]