Fighting Misinformation: The Preprint Sifter

The Preprint Sifter is a new Twitter tool that tracks down Tweets from leading epidemiologists, virologists, public health and other experts who are posting, vetting and verifying COVID-19 related preprint papers.


Allocating health outcomes to risk factors, part 2

August 19, 2019

By Austin Frakt I wrote about Nancy Krieger’s insightful American Journal of Public Health paper in a previous post. In this second of three posts, I will continue to unpack some of the content of her article, focusing on the distinction between correlation and causation. Krieger’s paper is titled “Health Equity and the Fallacy of Treating Causes of Population Continue reading [...]

Pediatric social determinants screening

August 5, 2019

By Austin Frakt In late June, Public Agenda published a report on perspectives of low-income parents on pediatric screening for social determinants of health. A key conclusion suggests a substantial challenge. One of the report’s conclusions is: The low-income parents in our focus groups understood their children were affected by the social determinants of health for which Continue reading [...]