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HGHI, HU CFAR Host Virtual Grand Rounds on Lessons from HIV for Global Equity During Pandemics

Ongoing global Covid-19 vaccine and therapeutic inequities threaten to prolong and exacerbate the pandemic for all countries. As advocates, academics, and policymakers alike call for the U.S. and other wealthy nations to share these lifesaving resources with the world, it is prudent to consider the lessons learned from the HIV pandemic that can be translated


Developing a distributional population health metric that incorporates health inequalities and illness-related poverty | Final Takeaways from 2019 Burke Fellowship

April 9, 2021

Stéphane Verguet, MPP, MS, PhD, was awarded a Burke Global Health Fellowship in 2019 for a project entitled “The eDALY: Developing a distributional population health metric that incorporates health inequalities and illness-related poverty.” Protecting from the financial risks of illness and improving the distribution of population health are major health system objectives integral to achieving Continue reading [...]

Let’s Celebrate: Reflections from Creating Women Leaders: The Missing Links of Mentorship and Networking | March 9th CUGH Conference

March 25, 2021

It’s not every Zoom conference that you see, at the end of a 3-hour session, over 70% of attendees turn on their cameras and start singing and dancing to “Celebration” by Kool & The Gang while streams of celebratory comments and impactful quotes from the event flood the chat. This was exactly the scene following Continue reading [...]

Nursing Homes and Prisons Share Similar COVID Risks, but Don’t Share the Same Vaccine Prioritization

March 11, 2021

Comparing prisons to nursing homes may feel like comparing apples and oranges, but the current COVID-19 pandemic has revealed their disconcerting similarities. Both the settings have been hotbeds for the worst COVID-19 outbreaks in the country (data here & here). Prisons and nursing homes share similar features: they are crowded, congregate living facilities with high Continue reading [...]

HGHI Burke Global Health Fellowship 2021 | Application OPEN

January 15, 2021

The Harvard Global Health Institute has opened applications for the Burke Global Health Fellowship. This Fellowship program provides funding for Harvard junior faculty members from across the University for innovative research and curriculum development and teaching (particularly at the undergraduate level) in global health. The Burke Global Health Fellowship serves as a career catalyst, coming Continue reading [...]