New Podcast: What Design Can Do For Global Health

HSPH Podcast LOGOWhat happens when a design guru and a health care expert start talking about persistent challenges in health? They acknowledge the limitations of evidence. They look at health and healthcare from a user experience perspective. They explore new ways to bridge the gap between what we as humans know -- and what we do.

Also: They tease and interrupt each other. They finish each other's sentences. They learn new things.  

Listen to our latest co-production with the Harvard School of Public Health "This Week in Health" podcast team: In a fascinating conversation, design expert and HSPH professor in residence Patrick Whitney and HGHI faculty director Ashish Jha discuss with HGHI senior editor Stefanie Friedhoff what design can (and can't) do for public health.

Hear Jha narrate his journey from skepticism about design in public health to realizing where the approach can provide a new lens to some sticky behavioral health problems:

"With vaccines for example, the evidence is extremely clear, but there’s still people who are hesitant about vaccines, who aren’t quite ready to accept it. And it hit me that this wasn’t a classic scientific problem to solve. It was a human behavioral problem to solve."

Enjoy the many sharp observations and groundbreaking insights Whitney brings to the design of public health solutions:

"In design, we don't look for the truth, just for a better answer than the current solution. It's better to be approximately right than precisely wrong."


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