HGHI LEAD Fellows on Harvard Campus


Our work is grounded in the fact that researchers, scholars, care deliverers, and communities must inform each others’ work to transform global health at every level.


Global Partnership

We engage in partnerships with organizations, communities, and individuals around the world to exchange knowledge, collaborate on issues, and strengthen the global health community.


Global Health Research

We stimulate research that advances scientific understanding of critical global health issues, generating evidence where none exists and supporting the next generation of researchers.


Global Health Education

We teach, learn, and exchange knowledge, including through global health events, courses, fellowships and internships that support the advancement of global health leaders.


Global Health Service

We collaborate with practitioners involved in the delivery and administration of care at every level to identify critical issues, craft practical solutions, and ensure those solutions reach those who need them most.


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Global Health Policy

We convene experts across disciplines and around the world to make evidence-based recommendations that inform global health policy.