The Harvard Global Health Institute is committed to surfacing and addressing broad challenges in public health that affect large populations around the globe.  We believe that solutions that will move the dial draw from within and beyond the medicine and public health spheres to encompass design, law, policy, and business.  We do that by harnessing the unique breadth of excellence within fields at Harvard and by being a dedicated partner and convener to organizations, governments, scholars, and committed citizens around the globe.

Outbreak Week Recap

Outbreak Week 18

Ebola, Zika, the flu: Are we ready for the next big health crisis? How will it play out in the era of shifting political powers, disinformation, and global conflict? From September 24-28, HGHI hosted Outbreak Week, a Harvard-wide effort investigating and engaging with epidemic and pandemic preparedness in the 21stcentury, inspired by the centennial of the 1918 influenza pandemic. The week of interdisciplinary exchanges brought together leading scientists, historians, policy makers, doctors, economists, journalists, and others. Explore videos and key insights from this major gathering at globalepidemics.org.

Monitoring Report


The Harvard Global Health Institute recently led the development of a comprehensive framework for Global Monitoring of Disease Outbreak Preparedness. The report summary on this effort reflect the combined expertise of over fifty public health professionals from institutions around the world who gathered in Washington, D.C. in April 2017 at the U.S. National Academies of Medicine. The result of this effort, is a robust, objective, evidence-based monitoring framework structured along four key domains (see figure below), reflecting a multi-sectoral, “whole-of-society” approach to preparedness.

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