The Harvard Global Health Institute is committed to surfacing and addressing broad challenges in public health that affect large populations around the globe.  We believe that solutions that will move the dial draw from within and beyond the medicine and public health spheres to encompass design, law, policy, and business.  We do that by harnessing the unique breadth of excellence within fields at Harvard and by being a dedicated partner and convener to organizations, governments, scholars, and committed citizens around the globe.

Hype vs. Reality
Artificial Intelligence is transforming healthcare, promising great advances in disease detection and treatment. Our understanding of the impact these technologies may have on people, systems and societies is limited, however, especially when it comes to applications in low and middle-income countries. How do we guarantee that AI-assisted technologies don’t perpetuate bias? How do we validate their findings, and assess if they actually improve health outcomes? How do we ensure these technologies are designed by and for local communities? On Tuesday, February 26th, HGHI convened leading scientists, researchers, policy makers, and practitioners to take a critical, cross-disciplinary look at the future of AI in global health. Watch clips from the event at AIinGlobalHealth.org

Global Mental Health @Harvard Open Day

GMH Showcase 2018
Get ready for the second GlobalMentalHealth@Harvard Open Day on April 13! Patrick J.Kennedy, former congressman (D-RI) and commissioner of the President's Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opiod Crisis, will deliver a keynote. If you would like to present your work at the Open Day, submit your abstract by March 1, 2019. Presentations should relate to one of the six key themes of the initiative: Mental Health Workforce, MH Promotion Science, Global MH Delivery Science, Human Rights, Countdown MH, or Building our GMH community. CLICK HERE for details.

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