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The public health crisis on the U.S Border is escalating. Children are being held in squalid conditions; abuse is rampant and people are dying due to inadequate health services. In an extraordinary, action-oriented discussion hosted by HGHI on July 30, two lawyers, a physician, a social worker and a trauma and migration expert develivered passionate testimony about their exeriences visiting detention centers and working with immigrants and asylum seekers in various cities around the US. Read this Harvard Magazine story or watch the event video to learn about how such traumatic experiences impact children and families, why more transparency is needed, and what we can all do to mitigate the crisis. 

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    HarvardGH We end our discussion with a call to action. With anti immigrant sentiment, under informed interventions that aren’t meeting the health needs, limited advocacy, the challenge is immense. But pushing policy makers and engaging all kinds of stakeholders we can find solutions
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    HarvardGH Q: How can ensure that policies and interventions are built on empathy and compassion??? A: @EuniceRendon recalls program “Deportees helping Deportees” where individuals who have lived knowledge can contribute to solutions
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    HarvardGH @pbspiegel it’s requires 1. Lets evaluate what can be a dress through the community versus what needs to be medicalized 2. You have to work with communities to understand how they express issues like depression