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Technology has the potential to transform the healthcare sector globally. Yet many questions remain about how it will be transformed, who stands to benefit and who will suffer the consequences. HGHI’s Tech & Health Program aims to answer these questions through leveraging novel data sources, empowering the next generation of AI practitioners to build evidence-based solutions and facilitating meaningful collaborations across disciplines and sectors. 

The Harvard Global Health Institute (HGHI) is uniquely positioned to bring together leading scholars across diverse disciplines to focus on the promise, potential and challenges that automated technologies can have in transforming healthcare delivery in low and middle-income countries. This newest HGHI initiative will build collaborations with key stakeholders across the globe, engage with local communities who are directly impacted by these technologies and share best practices to prepare the world for the future of healthcare delivery.


DASH Webinars

As COVID-19 spreads to low resource settings, there is an increasing need to explore the role of AI in the response to the pandemic. Our DASH Webinar series featured speakers across fields—watch our full archive of videos online.



Machine-learned epidemiology: real-time detection of foodborne illness at scale

Machine learning has become an increasingly powerful tool for solving complex problems, and its application in public health has been underutilized. Read the full article, published in Nature Digital Medicine.



Google Cloud Credits

The Harvard Global Health Institute is partnering with Google Cloud to enable researchers to harness the power of the Cloud in their fight against COVID-19.