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Fellowships are a powerful tool for academic institutions to nurture talent, drive innovation, and empower emerging leaders.

LEAD Fellowship

Women are agents of change when they work in leadership positions. Research shows that they implement policies that create better lives for families, communities, and nations. They find ways to support and lift up women and children, who continue to experience a disproportionate burden of disease and death worldwide. Still, women remain underrepresented among the leadership ranks in public health, medicine, and in the health and life sciences.

To equip and empower more leaders in global health, the Harvard Global Health Institute and the Global Health and Population Department at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health offer a fellowship specifically designed to promote leadership skills in individuals from low- and middle-income countries who will, in turn, mentor future leaders in global health. 

The LEAD Fellowship program is made possible through the generous support of Jane Jie Sun, who established the LEAD fellowship in 2019 to advance the leadership skills of women leaders in global health.

HGHI Burke Fellowship

The HGHI Burke Global Health Fellowship program at the Harvard Global Health Institute provides funding for postdocs and junior faculty for their innovative research and curriculum development and teaching  in global health.

There are three types of HGI Burke Fellowships: 

  1. HGHI Burke Global Health Fellowship – Research Award 
  2. HGHI Burke Global Health Fellowship – Curriculum Development Award 
  3. HGHI Burke Climate and Health Fellowship – Research Award

The Fellowships are made possible through the generous support of Harvard alumna Katherine States Burke, AB’79, and her husband, T. Robert Burke, who established the Burke Fund to help launch and advance the careers of promising junior faculty in global health.

Through the Burkes’ generosity, HGHI has funded over 40 HGHI Burke Global Health Fellows since 2009. Fellows are selected from across Harvard’s Schools for a vast range of global health projects.