August 9, 2021

"Reimagining Mental Health Care" - Dr. Vikram Patel Joins the Care Transitions Today Podcast for a Special Bonus Episode

Is care coordination the missing piece to combatting the mental health crisis? A top mental health expert joins the podcast dedicated to successful care coordination to review how intertwined these subjects are, or should, be.

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The United States has devoted more resources, attention and industry professionals to positively impact mental health in America, including suicide and substance abuse mortality rates. Despite this increased attention, mental health metrics in the US have increased in the last 20 years, especially with youth and minorities. What’s broken and why is it broken? While the pandemic has had a noticeable impact, research shows that mental health in the US was declining before COVID-19 due to various factors, including dialogue about its implications.

Dr. Vikram Patel, MBBS, Ph.D. and Harvard professor, joins the Care Transitions Today podcast to discuss reimagining mental health care. Joined by host and longtime healthcare leader Deb McElroy, hear Dr. Patel explain the mental health care implications of the pandemic, review innovative approaches to enhance access to quality care and examine how these approaches can be scaled to reduce mental health disparities. To listen to this episode, visit or search “Care Transitions Today” on any podcast platform.

Dr. Patel is the Pershing Square Professor of Global Health and Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellow at the Harvard Medical School. Over the past two decades, he has focused on reducing the treatment gap for mental disorders in low resource countries. He is also a Fellow of the UK’s Academy of Medical Sciences and has served on WHO expert and Government of India committees. Dr. Patel is the co-founder of Sangath, a local NGO dedicated to mental health and wellbeing. He has led efforts to set up the Movement for Global Mental Health, a network that supports mental health care as a fundamental human right.

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Write up written by Jon Vickers
American Case Management Association

July 28, 2021