Are LEAD fellows paid?

During the spring 2023 semester, fellows will receive a living stipend during their time in-residence (January through May). Visa fees, housing costs, flights to and from Cambridge, MA, and all course fees are also provided by the fellowship.

During the fellowship do I need to be completely removed from my work responsibilities?

Fellows are required to be free from work commitments during their time in full curriculum, from January – May 2023.

I am early in my career but have recently transitioned into a leadership position. Am I eligible for this fellowship?

Applicants are encouraged to have 15 years of professional experience and proven leadership capacity and experience.

How long is this fellowship?

The LEAD fellowship is 12 months in duration, September through August. The first 4 months (September through December) fellows are engaged in a lighter virtual curriculum, during the second spring semester, fellows are engaged in the full curriculum (courses, mentorship, workshops) in Cambridge, MA. There is no opportunity for an extension beyond 12 months.

As a LEAD fellow can I take course at any Harvard School?

Yes. As a LEAD Fellow we encourage you to apply to a variety of executive education courses offered at the various Harvard Schools (HBS, HMS, HSPH, HKS). You will also have the option to audit courses.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the fellowship and/or my eligibility?

Olivia Mulvey – Fellowships Manager, Harvard Global Health Institute Email: olivia_mulvey@harvard.edu